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Tips for using facebook

The Internet is a great way to be, globally networked world. You can do different things on the Internet is just a click of a button.. You are a new trend in the market, and almost everyone or if it has access to a computer and Internet, is a member of a social networking site. It is the best way to stay connected with distant friends and colleagues without pain to call or meet every day. When we talk about social networking sites, one name comes to mind, and that Facebook is. Sure, there are many other websites of the social networking market, but Facebook is very popular, and today we have to discuss some tips for using Facebook.

Tips for safe use Facebook

It is the most popular social network in the world. Period. More than 250 million people log in each day and the site has a membership of over 600 million €. Although the site is the best platform for people to meet, interact, photos and experiences, is also a good platform for anti-social elements, change Chop the other people and try to cause harm. Facebook users often personal information via chat and learn about each other’s walls, which can create a lot of trouble if seen by a mischief-maker. This makes it necessary to know some safety tips for using Facebook, and also aware of the dangers of Facebook.

The exchange of information with caution

Most of the pictures of new shares and information on our profile, but it is very important to ensure that no outsiders can see what you upload to your profile. Make sure that only your friends to all images and videos you to look at. All other settings should be “just friends” like.

Do not accept a friend’s request at any

Facebook’s main objective is to ensure that as a member to stay with all your friends and colleagues. However, accept every friend’s request you’re crazy. There were many cases in which sex offenders, potential enemies, and private investigators have created fake accounts, access to information have been through you. Once you accept your friend’s request to start tampering with your account. Keep knitting your list of friends as close as possible.

Less Personal Information

Make sure to fill your personal data is not the page. Update your birthday is also a concern, add more information about you get easier for someone who you used your account for the wrong purposes. Do not fill in phone numbers, addresses or birthdays.

On Facebook Do not leave your account

Leave you open an account on a public computer is like leaving your phone in a public place. Anyone can sit down and begin to update the wall shows, adjust the settings on the spot, and even type something that could lead to conflict later. Disconnect your account.

Post photos of children

The world is full of predatory child molesters and therefore I would suggest not to post pictures of your child on Facebook. Make sure your children not to mess up in this madness. Be their images for commercial purposes.

Think before you post:

not waste your late night walk and hot chicks you hooked with last night. Almost everything you can up to a wall by all members of your “buddy list” to see. If you really need to share with your friends and your colleagues want to e-mail. Do not laugh joke on the web.

I hope this article was on the safety tips for using Facebook helpful for you. If these simple tips will help you are much better and safer for the different users.                                                                                                 By:Owais Kalmati


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