Friday, 14 September 2012

Microsoft Internet Explorer Shortcut Keys

The followings are short-cuts for Microsoft Internet Explorer. Some keys are version specific

Use at your own risk.

Mouse shortcuts
Shortcut Description
Double-click (On a word) Select the word.
Triple-click Select entire line.
Wheel click Activate the Smooth scrolling
Hold Ctrl + Scroll Wheel forward Increase font size
Hold Ctrl + Scroll Wheel backward Decrease font size
Click one point then hold Shift & click another Create a selection from the two points

Keyboard shortcuts
Shortcut Description
F1 Help.
F3 Toggle on/off search panel.
F4 Pull down address bar.
F5 Refresh current page.
F6 Move focus to address bar.
F11 Toggle on/off full-screen mode
Alt + (Left Arrow) Go back on history. Same pas Backspace
Alt + (Right Arrow) Go forward on history.
Ctrl + A Select All.
Ctrl + B Favorites.
Ctrl + C Copy Selected.
Ctrl + E Search panel.
Ctrl + F Find (on page).
Ctrl + H Toggle History panel.
Ctrl + I Toggle Favorites panel.
Ctrl + L Open File. Same as Ctrl + O
Ctrl + N Open New browser window.
Ctrl + P Print current page / frame.
Ctrl + R Refresh. Same as F5
Esc Stop (while page is loading).
Ctrl + Enter Auto complete a url address. For example, type thecomputricks in the address bar and press CTRL + ENTER to get
Ctrl + D Add the current page to favorite.

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