Friday, 14 September 2012

Who Am I?

Our existence on this earth is a miracle. We have a specific structure, we can see, we can walk, we can perform different tasks and above all we have the unmatched capability to think and execute. We see around us and find a process of wild life existing in the green jungles and they are getting their food and basic needs of life through a specifically designed unseen system. We look into the under water world and we acknowledge a great variety of creatures living inside and outside the water. They are alive inside deep waters and have been fed by an unseen force. Accordingly, we find a new world in the open air; birds are flying and showing a new order of creatures in and under sky.

We try to view the sky and we are speechless to acknowledge that a mighty object is providing light and energy, a prime source for a life to exist. I become so astonished when the scientists work shows that it is a transformation of energy. An accident is the main cause of splitting up of this universe. So pity, I put a question ahead that how can an accident cause this much organized systems working in this universe? An accident is the disorganization or split up of things, surprisingly, we find a great order in this accident….I find no logical connection in this idea to be followed blindly.

The world of stars and milky ways is so huge that it may take millions of years to even find the end point of this universe.

Who am I? Is the question to be answered spiritually because the faith and beliefs found in the religions can answer this? Man is the centre of creation, we find it correct when we contemplate spiritually and find in our inner self a logical movement to accept the Creator through the message of his work shown in the form of this world and the messages sent by the true messengers. Our logical connection with the Creator leads us to find our identity posing a question, who am I?                                                                                                By:Owais Kalmati

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